Dian racing

This course module offers students the opportunity to take part in the exciting phases of conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of a high-quality formula car in one team to attend Formula Student Competition worldwide.

Driven from Godert,  the team has to deal with the branding of the team, organization of events, updating the website and make Dian racing team famous among students and also outside. Is a multidisciplinary team made not only by designers but even engineers, economics, languages, ext.

Is not a course in which the teacher is giving lesson but is more a weekly meeting in which the team discuss about the strategy and what to do in order to reach the final goal: win the trophy.

Info su Federico Criscuolo

Ciao belli! I’m Federico and I wanna be like Maradona. I like a lot the Beatles, pizza with pepper, onion and beans, smell of tobacco and observing pictures. I’m scared about offices and suites. I started as communication designer when I was young in Polimi and then, when I grew up, I moved to PSSD.
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