Game Design Fundamentals and Principles: Social Impact, Education and Entrepreneurship

This amazing course is warmly recommended to anyone interested in designing and developing meaningful games, playing games thoughtfully, or evaluating the social, cultural and educational impact of games. The course is providing students with tools to understand, analyze and design games, together with knowledge about educational theories related to games.

Topics covered during the course are:

- windows 10 pro key kaufen Fundamentals of game design, including mechanics, aesthetics and dynamics; narrative, balancing, designing for learning, systems thinking
- Serious Games and innovative new uses for games, including for learning, training, health, production, art, education
- Design-Based Research on games for purposes beyond entertainment (real-world impact)
- Flow Theory/Positive psychological theories relevant to game design
- Fun and Engagement Theory
- Gamification (game-like elements applied to non-game contexts) as “motivation design”
- Basic entrepreneurship concepts and strategies

The evaluation will be based on a real Game Design project: students will design, prototype, playtest and complete a fully playable board game during this class, working in small groups.

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你好! I'm Federica, a passionate design thinker from Milano, born in 1991. After my bachelor in Interior Design, I joined Product Service System Design and the Double Degree program (an experience that I will never forget!). Right now I am working in Continuum and writing my Master Thesis, enjoying these last months in Shanghai. I warmly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to challenge himself and is willing to start looking at things from a different perspective. If this is your case, just apply for the Double Degree! You will never regret it and it will be difficult to come back to Italy ;) If you want to know more about this amazing city (and its restaurants) feel free to contact me!
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