History and Culture

China is the world’s oldest continuous major civilization, with written records dating back about 3.500 year and with 5.000 years being commonly used by Chinese as the age of their civilization. The development of a state ideology based on Confucianism (100BC) and a common system of writing (200BC) both strengthened Chinese civilization. Politically, China alternated between periods of political union and disunion, and between periods of political union and disunion, and was often conquered by external ethnicities, of which many were eventually assimilated into the Chinese identity. These cultural and political influences are decisive to Chinese identity. These cultural and political influences from many parts of Asia as well as successive waves of immigration and emigration merged to create the familiar image of Chinese culture and people today.
By the end of the course, students should:
1. Have a good knowledge of the history of Chinese Ancient Dynasties, imperial China, the republican ear and People’s Republic of China.
2. Have a good understanding of the important Chinese historical events and influential figures, understanding Chinese ancient culture and modern civilization, as well as Chinese international relations.
3. Have a good understanding of the Traditional Chinese Culture, such as Names of the Han Nationality, Dress, Chinese Tea and Wine Culture ,Traditional Festivals, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts, Chinese Buddhism and Taoism, etc.


Assignments: three papers related to the different trips joined during the course and a final long paper about a specific topic you choose.

The course is mandatory and the presence compulsory.

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