Intercultural Communication

This course aims to familiarize students with the essential terms and basic theories in intercultural communication, and give a detailed analysis of the value system of Chinese culture, which is key to understanding the social and economical conditions as well as foreign policies of modern China. Case study will be employed to illustrate failures in Sino-foreign communication.

Course outline:

- Definition of key terms: culture, communication, intercultural communication
- Development of intercultural communication as a field of study
- Value systems and intercultural communication
- Chinese conceptualization of face and intercultural communication
- Guanxi in Chinese culture and its implication for expatriates
- Collectivism vs individualism
- Ascriptive vs achievement-oriented cultures
- Non-verbal communication
- Managing intercultural conflicts effectively


The evaluation will be based on a presentation that you will do in group and a paper based on a specific topic you choose. The attendance is compulsory.

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