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China Bridge help foreign and Chinese companies better connected with the trends and behaviors that influence their target audiences, by providing research-based cultural and office 2013 consumer insights. CBi offers also solutions that empower clients to choose the best strategy when creating products and services designed for Chinese consumers. Moreover, CBi has developed a powerful yet practical training method aimed at insuring that innovation and design management is integrated into the company’s department or organization in an healthy and effective way.

The studio is small (up to 30 people) and very dynamic. It’s the best choice for who wants to be a research designer and learning many things in short time. Cathy, the president, is an energetic woman always ready listening to new ideas and trying to realize them. You will get the opportunity to express your thoughts and to create something from the very beginning.

CBi for the first time has decided to be the sponsor of one PSSD thesis. The opportunity will be extended in the next years, once the research proposal presents something that the company can keep in its database for further usage. The meaning of sponsorship is not limited to cover the budget expenses during the research (such as focus group, expertise interviews, material for workshops and workshops itselves), but it means that the company will actively helping you during the field research and the synthesize phase of your data in order to get in the right direction later on.

In case your research is not something they need, CBi still helping you by providing you all the support and the possibility to talk with many contacts connected with your topic.

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