Jungle Fish Shanghai

JungleFish is an international product design & branding consultancy in Shanghai, focusing on China.

With their multi-national team from China, Asia and Europe they work in product innovation (consumer products, medical devices, industrial) and intercultural branding, packaging and visual communication design.

It is a really young reality, started form the passion of two German guys, Wolfgang Obermeier and Philipp Fries, just two years ago.

When I had the first interview with them, I could understand the strong humanity as a value of the studio.

In the field of Industrial design they deal to offer to their clients, mostly medium/big size company, a new experience to the user, and bring innovation with their work, starting with a deep research on the users and of the market.

Their work is based on providing a “German Quality” for a Chinese market, analyzing it discovering the opportunities and the most proficient areas of intervention.

At the beginning I was hired in the Industrial Design area, so I had to deal with designing kitchen appliances, and actually for me has not been very easy. They really trusted me, so they always gave the opportunity to develop my ideas in my personal, through my personal method, and at the end of every day we had discussion to analyze and discuss about the developments of the projects.

With the spending of time we all realized that, even though the commitment that I put on it, Industrial Design was not properly what fit me the most.

So, with their agreement, I moved in the Branding Area, working on illustrations, graphic design, concept ideation, and finally my work was really appreciated.


The studio was small, so I had the possibility to really work in a team, together the difficulties and working to provide new solutions.



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