TEKTAO, Urban Design Consulting Co.

Tektao is a completely chinese studio divided into TEK (around 15 designers and architects), the design practice department and TAO (5 designers), the design research and consulting counterpart. Tek is focused on architecture, landscape and interior design, while Tao keys for windows on Design Strategies, Design Consulting, Branding and Design Research.

The studio environment is quite nice, but you have to be aware that is mostly chinese speaking and you need to put a lot of efforts on trying to be involved in their projects.

The studio has several ongoing projects in Chongming Island (50 mins by bus from Shanghai). It is mostly related to the agricultural field and the Dell Latitude E6520 AC Adapter purpose of the research is to find a link between farmers, with their production, and citizens. The core of most of the projects is to try to build a bridge between the urban and the rural realities.

In Xian Qiao village, they have bought a land, where they have their own production (mostly sweet potatoes and rice), and they even have a house windows key buy and an hub there. It can happened for you to stay in the Island a couple of days.

One of the boss is Lou Yongqi, the responsble of the Aalto Sino Finnish Center, and is quite normal to be involved in some university projects. You can find some key point useful to develop a thesis.

Most of the problems you could find, came with the cultural and the language  gap.

The salary for an intern is fixed,  full time 4000 RMB/month.


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