Wild Design

Wild Design is a German design agency mainly focused on product design, but specialized even in branding and marketing.

It’s a well organized and structured studio with an international team of almost 15 people. They come from all over the world: China, Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, America and Italy off course.

The working atmosphere is really nice, there are many opportunities to manage small and big projects, learn how to handle with clients and even grow inside the company.


Internship is paid 3000RMB per month plus an single bedroom in an apartment close to the office in necessary.


Info su Giuseppe Farina

I’m a young designer based in Milan. Keen on graphic and animation.
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  1. ottlaarrigoni scrive:

    WILDDESIGN is a german design agency even though while I was working there, no one was german. It has an international environment and vibes with people from whole over the world. I did the first internship from October 2016 to February 2017, choosing the 4 months internship instead of 6 (the other possibility they offered me), but then I extended to June with the part-time modality. I did not chose the 6 months at the beginning, worried about how much time I would need for the thesis but then with the part-time it was more then enough to keep learning and finishing the thesis (just in case you ask your self).

    I would define my experience at Wild as a learning place where I could experiment really different clients and different modality and output. Some of the clients might seem boring, due to the fact is a lot industrial-product oriented, but you can learn things that you did not before for sure. I did for example a branding project for induction cooktop, or an advertising campaign for smart toilets. In my opinion this is part of the beauty of working as service-branding-UX in a consulting: do really different projects for really different clients.

    I was indeed living in the Wild flat, who provide you a room for free in a nice area (Shaanxi Bei lu- HAifang lu, basically changping lu, 5 minutes walking from the office). I didn’t have to worry about flat and rent and so on for 9 months, that in Shanghai is pretty convenient. and I receive a monthly salary of 4000 kauai (high average among interns in SH).

    I would recommend an experience in Wild, you have the responsibility of some projects and you can help out in others. I worked with products, branding, graphic designer and overtime different member of the office. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can easily feel the friendship and informal atmosphere.
    They are always in need of some help, so you should check it out if they have some intern positions open.

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