SIDE – Sino Italian Design Day

November 14th, 2015


Tongji University  – College of Design and Innovation



The Sino Italian Design Day organized by prof. Davide Fassi, was held on Saturday 14th November during the visit of the Italian Ministry of Education Stefania Giannini. It included several appointments:

- a forum on the sino-italian  collaboration in education and industry organized by the Sino Italian Campus with the presence of prof. Giuliano Noci, rector delegate from Politecnico di Milano, prof. Marco Gilli, rector from Politecnico di Torino and prof. Lou Yongqi, dean of the D&I College and several representatives form the Chinese and Italian companies

- the double degree ceremony with the Tongji students graduated at Politecnico di Milano last July getting the official diploma by the Italian Ministry of Education

- the Exhibition Opening of the Windows 10 Pro key kaufen Product Service System Design Studio (PSSD) “Innovative services and spaces for VIBRAM”, in collaboration with VIBRAM company, international leader in soles production

- the seminar on “PSSD: professional opportunities in the Chinese context” by presenting 10 best practices of the Italian former students in PSSD now working in China.

- an exhibition on sino italian projects develpoed in the last years including POLITONG and EMDM (Design management for innovtive environments) master with Polidesign Consortium. – the double degree program in Design between Politecnico di Milano and Tongji university including previously the Master in Poroduct Service System Design and now adding the Master in Interior/Environmental design



“Innovative services and spaces for VIBRAM” exhibition

Nov14-Nov24 2015, level 1, IS building, ground floor.

It includes  5 projects developed by 24 Italian and Chinese students in a 3 weeks workshop in April 2015. The design studio had the goal to design innovative service in innovative space for retail through new concepts for VIBRAM, an italian company producing mainly soles for shoes, worldwide leader in the market with a R&D department in China.

25 international students, mainly Italian and Chinese, were asked to develop 2 main ouputs during a 3 weeks design studio focused on: CHINA COBBLER PROJECT and VIBRAM CONCEPT STORE.


VIBRAM is launching a new service about resoling shoes with high performative VIBRAM soles through an itinerant truck including a cobbler corner. It is something in between a DIY action and a customer exclusive service to renew existing shoes and making them unique.

“Resoling” as an engaging act by involving urban specific communities (new-tribes) such as sports performers,  students, etc. so to create more awareness about the very high quality of VIBRAM products in the Asian market.  Students were asked to investigat how the system could work, if there could be room for this service in China, which social network strategy could support it and which layout (spaces, products) should have.



There are only 2 VIBRAM shops in the world selling mostly the two VIBRAM shoes (Fivefingers and Furoshiki) and other brands that uses VIRBAM Soles. The brief included the design of a concept store for the Chinese market with innovative service. The outputs could have been designed as temporary stores, corners in malls, shop-in-shop or as a main store.

A focus on the customer experience, not including only the purchasing act, was asked


Product Service System Design Studio


Prof. Davide Fassi

in collaboration with Massimo Randone – VIBRAM

Sponsored by VIBRAM


Exhibition design concept, grphics: Giovanni Piemontese, Andrea Maldifassi

Scientific coordinator and curator: Davide Fassi



Li Zhurui

Andrea Maldifassi

Giovanni Piemontese

Qiu Fangyan

Pan Yanyang


Florian Buchwalder

Keyu Long

Hu Dongying

Alice Colombo

Benedetta Bacialli


Gao Xiang

Tao Zheming

Davide Albertin

Livia Chiani

Claudia Zampella


Camilla Marino

Marta Fontana

Chen Mengran

Ren Yuhang

Luca Magnani


Jiang Mengqi

Zhang Qinyuan

Federica Bagini

Giuditta Sartori

Maurizio Vrenna



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Associate professor both in Politecnico di Milano and Tongji University. Architect, PhD in Technological Innovation for Architecture and Industrial Design at Politecnico di Torino. He is teaching at BSc Interior Design and MSc Product Service System Design at the Politecnico di Milano. He is coordinator of GIDE (Group of International Design Education) and member of the international coordination committee at DESIS Network (Design for Social innovation and Sustainaibility). He published “Temporary Urban Solutions” (2012) and "Sulla Spiaggia" (2015). He launched “Coltivando, the convivial garden at the Politecnico di Milano” and “Il sabato della Bovisa”, two social design projects in Milan.
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