Wagas: healthy, fresh and tasty food

Wagas has 29 spots in Shanghai, so it’s very easy to find it while you are just walking around!
Here you can find tasty sandwiches (with also western ingredients like Parma ham and mozzarella), fresh salads and dish of pasta.
They also are a coffee bar, so you can easily find homemade sweets, juice and coffees.
The prices are around 40rmb (4,70€) for the sandwiches, 50rmb (5,90€) for the salads and the pastas.
The portion are big enough to fill your stomach :-)
During the weekend there is also the possibility to have english breakfast and other kind of brunch.

I don’t  write any telephone number or address because the spots are a lot.
You can find them at this link


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Hello! I'm Sara. I studied product design in my bachelor and I continued my study with the master of science in Product service system design. There I got the opportunity to go to Shanghai for the double degree, where I am now! Photography is one of my biggest passion, I did the reporter for the design week in Milan and now I'm doing the food photographer for Wagas, a chain of restaurant in Shanghai.
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